Reminder: 1L Academic Success Workshop: Reading, Class Preparation, & Class Participation

Dean Aden will be conducting the first 1L Academic Success workshop on Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 11:45 in Room 226.

Come and learn the most effective ways to read critically, prepare for class, and to handle the Socratic method.

We will read and discuss a upcoming case from your Torts casebook , Western Union Telegraph Co v. Hill.   

Each section has a different version of the case, which can be found on the ASP TWEN page (please register for the ASP TWEN page if you haven’t already done so) in your Torts casebooks:

  •  McClurg’s Casebook (Prosser):  pages 38-39
  • Allen’s Casebook (Johnson):  pages 66-68

Please  familiarize yourself with the case before tomorrow’s workshop, but don’t spend a lot of time preparing in advance, as we will set aside time during the workshop for you to work through it.

Please bring either an electronic or paper version of the case or your torts book to use during the workshop.

Lunch will be provided, but please bring a drink.

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