Fall 2015 Exam Tech Tips

Below are some important technology related tips to remember for your upcoming exams.

Before your first exam:

  1. Read through the Exam4 instructions.
  2. Print off the email you received with your Exam ID, and pack it with your laptop to bring to the exam.
  3. If you have a Windows machine, run “Windows Updates” the night before. Make sure that you have all of the latest patches from Microsoft before coming to the exam.
  4. Pack your laptop’s charger to bring to the exam.
  5. Take a practice exam. (Instructions for taking a practice exam are included in the Exam4 instructions).

When you arrive in the room for your exam:

  1. Plug in your laptop’s charger.
  2. Connect to the University wifi (“uofm”, NOT “uofm-guest”).
  3. Once you’re connected to the wifi, make sure that you can browse the Internet. If you receive a “SafeConnect Client Policy Key” page, follow the instructions on the page to install the policy key, then make sure you can browse the internet.
  4. Have your exam ID out and ready to type in.

After your exam is completed:

  1. Once you end the exam, you will not be able to change anything, so double-check your exam before proceeding.
  2. Click “End Exam” in the top-left corner. Confirm that you want to end the exam, then click “OK”.
  3. The text from your exam will turn blue, and you will no longer be able to change it. Click “Submit Electronically” on the box that pops up.Exam 4 Submit Electronically
  4. Do not leave the classroom until you receive the “green box”:Exam Submittal Successful
  5. Once you’ve received the green box, click the box next to “I understand”, then click “OK”.
  6.  Go back to the top-left corner in the software, click on “File & Save Options”, and then click to exit the software.
IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE GREEN BOX ABOVE, THEN YOUR EXAM HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED, AND YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE CREDIT! Contact IT immediately for assistance, either via lawit@memphis.edu or by coming to Room 209.
IT will have staff on-hand to assist at the beginning and end of the exam.
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