***DRAFT Fall 2016 Schedule***

From Dean Mulroy:

Dear students,

I hope classes are going well. We have written a DRAFT Spring 2016 class schedule. It is posted here. Please review the schedule. If you have suggestions or comments, please relate your suggestions or comments to a student leader (an SBA representative or an officer in any registered student organization). Please do this by noon this Tuesday, March 1. Please do not give your individual comments one at a time to me, or to Jamie Johnson, or to Cheryl Edwards. Registrar Jamie Johnson and I will be meeting with student leaders soon to discuss fully your comments and suggestions.

This year, we made a special effort to minimize conflicts among upper-level courses, especially required, menu, or bar-related courses. We also made a special effort to minimize conflicts with clinics, externships, and seminars. We also made adjustments to try to regularize start times for classes and eliminate as far as possible instances where classes overlapped by only 15 minutes or so. However, given other constraints (e.g., faculty workload, avoiding having students take too many courses in a row without a break in between, etc), a certain amount of conflicts proved unavoidable. This fall’s schedule is part of a longer-term process over the next several semesters in which we hope to continue to revamp the schedule to meet these goals.

Please note that we cannot possibly accommodate 340+ individual work, family, vacation, or worship schedules. So while we welcome your feedback, a comment such as “don’t schedule Administrative Law on Monday afternoons because I work” is not a useful comment. Please note that the ABA requires us to schedule classes on Fridays. We are most interested in comments that relate to class conflicts. For example, if Elder Law and Family Law conflict but a large number of students want to enroll in both courses, we will consider amending the schedule.
Finally, please be advised that one or two courses might be added to this schedule before it is finalized. If that happens, they will be scheduled in such a way as to minimize conflicts with other courses. We will finalize these details as soon as possible.

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