Law School Mental Health Day

Law School Mental Health Day is Monday, March 28th.

SBA, Health Law, Memphis Law Plus 1, and the Mental Health Law Journal are joining together to raise awareness among the student body. Monday, March 28th these organizations will be offering stress relief activities outside of the student lounge. A few of these activities will be things such as adult coloring, stress relief balls, venting and gratitude comment boxes, and tips for handling stress.

We ask that each of you take a look at the mental health assessment posted on the blog earlier this week by Dean Aden.  The link for the assessment is found here:

The statistics of the risks of mental illness for law students are shocking. Our organizations want not only to raise awareness, but offer campus-wide support for every student at Cecil C.  We encourage all of you to come by on Monday to support yourselves, each other, and our school.

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