Honor Council Elections Process

University of Memphis

Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Honor Council 2015-2016


Jacob Strawn                                       Mary Katherine Smith                                    Brian Dockery

Associate Chief Justice                              Chief Justice                                                 Secretary



Honor Council Purpose:

The Honor Code is a code of professional and academic standards. The Honor Council enforces the Honor Code. The Honor Council is composed of eleven law students elected by the student body.  The Honor Council investigates and prosecutes alleged violations of the Honor Code.

Nominations: March 28th—March 30th

  • The ballot for elections to the Honor Council will be determined by anonymous nominations from the student body.
  • Place nominations in the ballot box located outside the student lounge.

Vetting Process:

  • Once nominations are submitted, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Registrars Office will vet each nominee. The Dean shall review the nomination list and may remove nominees from the list if the Dean determines that a nominee is ineligible based on factors listed in 21.7(a)(2). o Once the Dean completes the vetting process, nominees will be notified as to whether they are eligible to be placed on the ballot.
  • Nominees have the right to accept their nomination or remove their names from the ballot.

Nominee Meeting and Statement of Support: April 6th (subject to change) o

  • Once the nominee list is finalized, the current Honor Council will hold an interest/informational meeting for all nominees who wish to place their name on the ballot.
  • Each nominee who wishes to place his or her name on the ballot shall write a brief statement of interest in support of his or her nomination.
  • Failure to submit a statement of interest by the deadline will result in removal of the nominee’s name from the ballot.

Elections: April 11th-April 14th

  • The final list of nominees will be placed on the ballot. Elections will be held concurrent with SBA elections.
  • Each student casting a vote for his or her respective class will indicate, on the ballot, which nominees he or she selects based on the number of available positions for that class.

Number of Votes for Each Class:

Rising 2Ls will cast five votes.

  • The nominee who receives the most votes from the rising 2L class will serve as Secretary his or her 2L year and Chief Justice his or her 3L year.
  • The nominee who receives the second most votes in the rising 2L class will serve as a Student Justice his or her 2L year and Associate Chief Justice his or her 3L year.
  • The nominee who receives the third most votes will serve as a Student Justice his or her 2L year and as a Senior Student Justice his or her 3L year.
  • The remaining two students will serve a one-year term as Student Justices.

Rising 3Ls will cast three votes.

  • The three nominees from the rising 3L class who receive the most votes will be seated as Student Justices their 3L year.


MK Smith: mksmith5@memphis.edu 901-485-5033

Jake Strawn: jdstrawn@memphis.edu

Brian Dockery: bcdckery@memphis.edu

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