1L Advising Questions Answered

Dear 1Ls:

This message is a follow-up to Monday’s academic advising meetings with answers to some of the questions that were raised in the group sessions.


Can I have a copy of the academic advising PowerPoint?

Yes.  The PowerPoint is available at the bottom of the Law School Registrar page here.


Is Constitutional Law a prerequisite to enroll in Administrative Law?  

No.  Constitutional Law is not a prerequisite to enroll in Administrative Law. Prof. Romantz teaches the constitutional law topics in Administrative Law from scratch.  Please contact Prof. Romantz if you have questions.


Since Health Law I and II have been combined into the Health Law Survey course, have the credits and classes required for the Health Law Certificate changed?

Yes.  The new requirements for the Health Law Certificate are:

  • Health Law Survey (3)
  • Administrative Law (3)
  • 9 hours of elective credits (as described on the Health Law Certificate webpage).

The other requirements are unchanged.  You can see all the requirements for the Health Law Certificate here.   Please contact Prof. Campbell if you have any questions about the Health Law Certificate.


What is required for the limited practice certificate?  

Law student limited practice is governed by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7, Section 10.03, available here.  Students must have completed 45 credit hours to be eligible for the limited practice certificate.  If you have questions about the requirements for the limited practice certificate, please contact Prof. Danny Schaffzin.


What menu courses will be offered next spring?

In general, we offer each menu course one time each academic year.  Thus, we expect that any menu courses not offered in the fall will be offered next spring.  The menu courses we anticipate offering in the spring are:

  • Commercial Paper
  • Secured Transactions
  • Corporate Tax


What seminars will be offered next spring?

We anticipate offering the following seminars next spring:

  • Comparative Law
  • Legal Ethics
  • Health Law
  • Advanced  Brief Writing


As always, if you have advising questions, feel free to contact Dean Mulroy, Jamie Johnson, or me for assistance.


Dean Aden

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