Intro to Federal Practice Panel on Feb. 22 in Wade Auditorium

The Federal Bar Association is hosting a panel discussion on the topic of federal practice at noon on Wednesday, February 22, in Wade Auditorium.    Lunch will be provided.  The purpose of this program is to provide an overview of federal law practice and discuss some of what makes federal practice distinct from practice in state court.  The panel will consist of local federal practitioners.  The discussion will cover a variety of points, including what areas of law practice are, by their very nature, necessarily federal; how federal court differs structurally from state court; how practice in federal court differs from practice in state court; and advice for students who wish to pursue a federal-practice career trajectory.  Panel speakers will include:

Defense-Side:                    Gary Peeples, Burch, Porter & Johnson

Plaintiff’s Side:                  Bryce Ashby, Donati Law Firm

US Attys Office:                 Kasey Weiland, United States Attorneys Office

Fed. Public Defender:    Tyrone Paylor, Office of the Federal Public Defender

Civil Rights:                        Tannera Gibson, Burch, Porter & Johnson

Panel Moderator:            Shea Oliver, Burch, Porter & Johnson

All students are welcome.

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