1Ls/2Ls: Southaven Court Pro Bono Clerkship (Apply by April 15)

For the last two years, the Southaven Mississippi Municipal Court has had a volunteer Memphis law student as a summer intern. Because of the positive experiences in the past two years, the Court would like to have another summer volunteer clerk for this year.

Judge David Delgado, along with Judge Jody Neyman, are part-time judges who have their own law practices. Court is held 3 days a week, and the law clerk will spend a majority of the time in the office without a judge present.

As for work that will be completed, there is little (if any) writing that is done by a traditional law clerk. The student is expected to be involved with the following:

-Researching legal issues – especially researching pending “debtor prison” cases.
-Assisting in reviewing the template court orders that are used in Municipal Court.
-Researching the newly adopted Mississippi Rules of Criminal Procedure.
-Assist in new collection procedures, which will include filing court judgments in the county judgment rolls.

The Court would be interested in having a 1L or 2L. Applicants need to submit a resume, transcript, and writing sample.
All applications should be emailed to Thomas Mastin at tmastin@southaven.org; deadline for applicants will be April 15, 2017.

A background check will be required of the volunteer

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