Juror Volunteers Needed

Each year students in Professor Frank’s Trial Advocacy Class participate in a Mock Jury Selection Exercise as one of the major assignments for the semester.  In order for students to have the best experience, the class needs full mock jury panels, and therefore volunteers!


Please let me know if you are available to volunteer for any of the following jury selection exercises:


Tues, 4/11 4-5:30 pm—Jury Selection 1 (Criminal)


Thurs., 4/13 4-5:30—Jury Selection 2 (Civil)


Thurs., 4/13 5:45-7:15—Jury Selection 3 (Criminal)


If you are available to serve as a juror, please also complete the Juror Questionnaire and return to Professor Frank by Friday, 4/11 and indicate the jury selection(s) for which you are available. [Please note this is a hybrid questionnaire, so that it can be useful to our students whether they are mocking a criminal or civil trial].


The students always appreciate seeing the friendly faces on the panel, so thank you in advance!



Demetria D. Frank




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