Attention! Students who plan to take the Bar in July 2017:

Your Bar Application process should be well underway. As part of that process, each of you should have a form that the law school is required to fill out to verify some aspect of your attendance here. For most of you, because you are applying to take the TN Bar Exam, it is a Law Degree Verification Form and Dean Certification Form.

These forms are due to TBLE on May 22. If you want a guarantee that your forms will be completed and in the hands of TBLE by the deadline, YOU MUST HAVE THEM TO THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE BY MAY 15.

Some of you have already given these forms to us. Thank you!  I am working to complete the forms as they arrive to our office.  Page 4 the “Late Confirmation of Degree Form” will be mailed after grades are in and you have officially graduated. Until that time, you may be receive an automated email from TBLE alerting you that they have not yet received page 4.

Feel free to email us at with any question regarding this form.

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