Spring 2018 Legal Clinics and Externships – Deadline to Apply Is TOMORROW (OCTOBER 30TH AT 4:30 P.M.)

You can now apply for enrollment in a Spring 2018 Legal Clinic or the Spring 2018 Externship Course!  Below are links to the Legal Clinic and Externship Course applications (two separate applications) as well as links to more detailed information about each of the SIX LEGAL CLINICS and the many Externship Field Placements to be offered during the Spring 2018 semester.   AS EXPLAINED FURTHER BELOW, THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR A SPRING 2018 LEGAL CLINIC OR EXTERNSHIP IS MONDAY, OCTOBER 30TH, BY 4:30 p.m.


CLINIC COURSE APPLICATIONS: Applications (see above link) for enrollment in a Spring 2018 Clinic are DUE to Ms. Sandy Love (stlove@memphis.edu) no later than Monday, October 30th, at 4:30 P.M.  Clinic enrollment offers will be made by the close of business on Wednesday, November 1st.

EXTERNSHIP COURSE APPLICATIONS:  Applications (see above link) for enrollment in the Spring 2018 Externship Course are also DUE to Ms. Sandy Love (stlove@memphis.edu) by no later than Monday, October 30th, at 4:30 P.M.  Please note, however, that Externship applications will be processed as they are received and that enrollment offers will be made on a rolling basis leading into the opening of Spring course registration in November.

Please contact any member of the Clinic faculty with questions about the Legal Clinic courses to be offered during the Spring 2018 semester.  Please contact Prof. Schaffzin with any questions about the Spring 2018 Externship Course.

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