Attention recent grads and Bar Prep Participants!!! Bar Review Donut Discussion – This Wednesday!

Dear Class of 2018,

Congratulations, once again!  Your alma mater could not be prouder of all you have accomplished.  And we are invested in your success taking the July bar examination. To that end, Professor Regina Lambert will be assisting with your bar exam prep this summer. She will be supplementing your BarBri/Kaplan/individual exam preparation to provide additional group and individual assistance and feedback.

Professor Lambert will host a Bar Review Donut Discussion on Wednesday, May 23, at 8:30 am in Wade Auditorium. The BarBri Review program will begin at 9:00 following her discussion.  Professor Lambert will provide information about summer activities planned to supplement your bar review plans.

Please plan to attend the meeting this Wednesday and enjoy a donut as you begin your summer bar review.  If you weren’t planning to attend in-person, we hope you’ll reconsider.  Studies show a positive correlation between live attendance at bar review and bar passage.  We don’t care if you wear your jammies, we just want you to show up and work hard.  You’ve invested so much in your education – now is the time to buckle down and nail the bar examination!

Best regards,

Dean Schaffzin

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