Disability Accommodations – Textbook, Classroom, and Final Exam Accommodations

It is the policy of our law school to make reasonable accommodations for students whose disabilities entitle them to accommodations.

Classroom & Textbook Accommodations

If you need classroom or textbook accommodations for the current academic semester and have not already requested them, please contact DRS as soon as possible to set up a meeting.

Exam Accommodations

To ensure adequate time to process exam accommodation requests, students should contact Disability Resources for Students as soon as possible to begin the exam accommodation process.  Since gathering the information required for accommodations often involves considerable time and effort, students requesting accommodations for the first time should begin the accommodations process as soon as possible.

Students who have previously received accommodations while in law school at The University of Memphis should contact their coordinator at Disability Resources for Students to request accommodations to update or renew their accommodation plans. You must do this every semester.

Any student who may be entitled to an accommodation should contact Disability Resources for Students, 110 Wilder Tower, at (901) 678-2880.


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