Moot Court travel teams travel participants receive school credit while traveling all over the country representing Memphis Law and our Advocacy Program. In the past, teams have traveled to D.C., New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and many more cities! There are three teams looking for competitors and brief-writers.  If you are interested, submit your resume, writing sample, and a statement of interest to Barbara Kritchevsky at AND Escarlet Escobar at by November 6th at noon.  Rank your team preferences in the interest statement.  Please see additional information and descriptions of the teams below.
Applicable to all:
Competitors will receive 2 academic credits for writing the brief and advocating in the competition; those who just join a team as a brief writer will receive 1 academic credit. School reimburses all team members for hotel and per diem meals.  The flights are paid for ahead of time.
Must submit an interest statement, resume, and writing sample.  Coaches prefer if the writing sample is a legal argument (e.g., appellate brief, trial brief or memorandum).  Please rank your team preferences in the interest statement.
Nov. 6 & 7 — evening and/or afternoons.
Will consist of 7-10 minute oral argument followed by an interview.  You can argue whatever you want (most people in Appellate Ad give their Appellate Ad arguments).
1. ABA:
  • Fields two teams of 3.
  • 2-4 openings (brief writers and/or advocates)
  • Brief is due January 7 — teams will write their briefs over Christmas break.
  • The issue is an 8th Amendment issue, though we don’t yet know specifically what about the 8th Amendment (we’ll know more when the problem comes out).
  • Team practices usually about 4 times per week.
  • There are 6 Regions — we will likely be in a northeastern region (Philadelphia, Boston, or D.C.)
  • The competition begins on the weekend leading into spring break.
  • Previous accomplishments:
    • Last year’s ABA teams
      • one team received a top 5 brief award in the region
      • the other team made it to the regional finals.
      • Two advocates received a top 10 best advocate award in the entire San Francisco Region.
    •   Throughout the last several years:
      • have had a team make it all the way to the national finals (lost to Harvard)
      • have made it past regionals–to nationals in Chicago–a couple of other times
      • have had a number one advocate in the region.
2. Duberstein Bankruptcy Law:
  • Need: 2 advocate spots; 2 brief writers
  • Brief is written over Christmas break.
  • Detroit: February 18, 2019
  • If team advances past regionals, will travel to N.Y. on the weekend leading into spring break.
  • Team practices about 2 or 3 times per week.
  • Past accomplishments:
    • Last year:
      • Best overall team in Lav Vegas region
      • Best advocate overall in Las Vegas Region
    • In the past:
      • Ranked in top 16 or top 8 in N.Y. out of 60+ teams for the last few years.
3. Wagner Labor and Employment Law:
  • Fields one team of 2-3 people.
  • Everyone who works on the brief must also argue.
  • Problem comes out in January.
  • Brief is due mid-February. Competition begins late March.
  • Always in N.Y.C.
  • 2-3 openings
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