SBA and Honor Council Elections begin next week

SBA Presidential Election:  Wednesday April 1 & Thursday April 2
* Candidates must turn in a form with 50 signatures and a statement of candidacy by Monday, March 30th at 5pm
SBA Executive Board Elections:  Tuesday April 7 – Thursday April 9
* Candidates must turn in a form with 50 signatures and statement of candidacy by Friday, April 3rd at 5pm
SBA Bar Governor Elections:  Tuesday April 14 – Thursday April 16
* Candidates must turn in a form with 25 signatures and statement of candidacy by Friday, April 10th at 5pm

Losers of the presidential election may run for an executive position and losers of the executive election may run for a bar governor position. Executive positions include Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Student Affairs, Director of Communications, Director of Events, and Bar Association Representative. There will be four bar governors for each class. There is no official format for the signature sheet, but if you would like a template, let one of your bar governors know. Signature sheets and statements must be sent to Joey Griffith at or in his mailbox by the deadline. Statements are limited to 250 words.

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