Spring 2018 CALI Awards

Below are CALI Award recipients for the Spring 2018 semester.  The CALI Award recognizes the student with the highest grade (or highest total raw score) in a law class.  You will receive a certificate.

If you do not see a specific course listed, this means the professor did not award a CALI for that course.

[Please email Abby Gardner by Wednesday, June 27th , if your name is misspelled.]


Course Professor Recipient 1 Recipient 2 Recipient 3
Bar Preparation Kritchevsky Rachel Cook
Civil Procedure II – § 12 Schaffzin, K. Ann A. Agee
Civil Procedure II – § 11 Bock Carson R. Gilbert
Commercial Law Smith, K. Mary Bobango
Conflicts of Law Newman Steven C. Fann
Constitutional Law Kiel Sarah V. Belchic
Consumer Law Latta Robert Morelli Sean P. O’Brien
Contracts II – §11 Newman Nicole T. Milani
Contracts II – §12 Mamlyuk Jeffrey Landers
Corporate Governance & Compliance Goldsmith Walker R. McWherter
Corporate Law Seminar Letsou Regan S. Sherwood
Corporate Taxation Kratzke Mary Kaitlyn Cornett
Criminal Law – §11 Romantz Jeffrey C. Crout
Criminal Law – §12 Romantz Colin M. Donoghue
Discovery Saxton Steven C. Fann
Elder Law Brashier Andrew J. Rankin Louis M. Jehl
Elder Law Legal clinic Harkness Kelsey Keef
Employee Benefits Kiesewetter Kaitlyn A. Hansen
Entertainment Law Alexander Regan S. Sherwood
Estate Planning Black Brandon J. Woosley
Evidence Frank Louis M. Jehl
Fair Employment Practices Lidge Kaitlyn A. Hansen
Federal Courts Frank Johnathan D. Burnley
Guns & the Law McClurg Nicholas R. Roberts
Health Law Seminar Campbell Danny G. Bounds
Immigration Law Pazar Andrew J. Rankin
Legal Drafting: Contracts Smith, B. Mallory Farrar
Legal Methods II – §A Kerley Thomas H. Greer
Legal Methods II – §B Kerley Tyler S. Humphrey
Legal Methods II – §C Lambert Hayden Cherry
Legal Methods II – §D Lambert Jeanna Prendergast de Santos
Legal Methods II – §E Morris Dillan McQueen
Legal Methods II – §F Morris Nicole T. Milani
Legal Methods II – §G Wilson Samuel M. Jacobs
Negotiation & Mediation Schwarz Noorhan Taube
Negotiation & Mediation Wade Steven C. Fann
Neighborhood Preservation clinic Schaffzin, D. Alexandria Christian
Non Profit Organizations Kratzke Jake R. Morris
Patent Law Bock Hayden Carlson
Products Liability Bearman Charles H. Barnett
Professional Responsibility Wilson Patience N. Taylor
Property II – § 11 Brashier Dillan McQueen
Property II – §12 Kiel Ann A. Agee
Public International Law Seminar Mamlyuk Waleed Naser
Realty Transactions Humphreys Avery H. Oaks
Remedies Smith, K. Steven C. Fann
Secured Transactions Black Frank F. Pursell Hayden Carlson Whitney C. Snow
Torts II – § 11 Allen Matthew D. Tidwell
Torts II – § 12 McClurg Thomas H. Greer
Trial Advocacy –  § 11 Frank Marguerite McGowan
Trial Advocacy –  § 12 Craft Shaundraya Hersey
Trust Law McDaniel Chelsea E. Hinton
U.S. Taxation of International Income Kratzke Jake R. Morris
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