Spring 2018 Externship Course – Field Placements Available – Still Time to Apply

If you are not one of the 2L or 3L students already enrolled in the Spring 2018 Externship Course, you can still apply for one of the excellent field placements that remain available through Course enrollment.  Among them are the following:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Hearings Unit (three credits; 12 weekly placement hours)
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court (two credits; 8 weekly placement hours) 
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Office of Legal Counsel (three credits; 12 weekly placement hours)
  • Ducks Unlimited – Land Protection Division (three credits; 12 weekly placement hours)
  • Medtronic Corporation – Office of Ethics and Compliance (three credits; 12 weekly placement hours)
  • Mid-South Immigration Advocates (two credits; 8 weekly placement hours) 
  • Memphis City Attorney’s Office – Litigation Unit and Transactional Unit (three credits; 12 weekly placement hours)
  • Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority – Office of General Counsel (two credits; 8 weekly placement hours).
  • State of Tennessee Attorney General’s Office (two credits; 8 weekly placement hours)
  • University of Memphis – Office of University Counsel (three credits; 12 weekly placement hours)

If you wish to apply for enrollment in any of the above-identified field placements through the Spring 2018 Externship Course or have other questions, please email (danny.s@memphis.edu) or call (901-678-5056) IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for your interest!

Professor Schaffzin

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