Street Law is back!

Street Law is back in action!

First week of teaching will be either the last week of January or the first week of February.

3L’s – You get PRIORITY for those pesky last minute pro bono hours you need to graduate.

2L’s – If you’ve taught before, we need y’all to help teach the 1Ls the ropes. If you haven’t taught before, now is a great time to get involved.

1L’s – You can observe classes and get your feet wet! Now that you’ve gotten the first semester out of the way, this is the perfect time to start to get involved on and around campus.


Anyone interested can email any of the following:

President, Alex Anderson (

Vice President, Kevin Christopher (

Soulsville Team Lead, Lauren Cook (

VP of PR, Alexandra Chunn (


Street Law is a nonprofit organization that began in 1972 at Georgetown University. The program’s original intent was to teach District of Columbia high school students about the law and legal system. Today Street Law has active chapters in all 50 states and 40 countries worldwide. The curriculum has evolved into a range of programs and publications designed to teach practical law, crime prevention, conflict resolution, youth advocacy, and the fundamental principles of democracy. The Memphis Law Chapter currently serves two local schools, Soulsville Charter School and Memphis Central High School. Students, from 1Ls to 3Ls, and professors teach at these two schools on a weekly or monthly basis. Our role in the classroom is to engage the students around topics of law, democracy, human rights, and local issues. Most of all, we strive to bridge the gap between today’s youth and the law, and to inspire students onto professional careers.

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