Welcome New Members of the University of Memphis Law Review, Volume 49

On behalf of the entire Law Review Volume 49 Editorial Board and staff, thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Competition.  We really appreciate the hard work that you put into your submissions.  We received a lot of high-quality submissions this year, and the Editorial Board worked very hard to make this year’s selection.  Listed below are the names of those selected for staff membership for Volume 49 of The University of Memphis Law Review:

Ann Agee

Kayla Billingsley

Adam Blankenship

Reagan Brock

Hayden Cherry

Raven Chism

Cory Chitwood

Colin Donoghue

Hannah Fuson

Carson Gilbert

Thomas Greer

Michael Holmes

William Hultman

Tyler Humphrey

Erica Johnson

Eliza Jones

Jessica Knox

Dillan McQueen

Nicole Milani

Monica Nash

Charlotte Nichols

Sean Olsen

Marshall Phillips

Mitchell Pollard

Jeanne Prendergast de Santos

Caleb Sanders

Raymond Vega

James Washburn



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